Between 2009-2013 samjjana was a music duo that comprised of Maia and Pratika Kshemya. Its legacy lives on…samjjana albums continue to be available through The Alchemy of Sound. (The YouTube channel also remains available.)

With unique instruments of alchemy, samjjana’s music is profoundly soothing and uplifting. It features the enchanting ‘hang’ sound sculpture, exquisite harp and swarmandal, sansula, chimes, Alchemy crystal bowls and haunting Native American Indian, Bansuri and Shakuhachi flutes. Their albums offer instrumental music (‘Peace Within’ and ‘Gently Now’) and music with vocals (‘Follow your Bliss®’).

Maia continues to perform, both solo and in collaborations, and has produced a new solo album ‘New Earth Alchemy’ (May 2014) – available not only as an album, but also with several tracks available individually to be streamed or downloaded for a low price – all this on her BandCamp page.

Pratika’s focus has increasingly been on sharing the joy of ‘take home’ sound as offered through The Alchemy of Sound market stall and online store, which both continue to expand, enabling more people to create their own magical, alchemical sound at home. He is also in the process of recording an ‘Alchemy of Sound’ CD along the lines of samjjana’s popular ‘Gently Now’ album, with a variety of new instruments and special features.

Maia and Pratika feel huge appreciation for all the magic and miracles their time as samjjana has blessed them with…

“We thank everyone who has contributed to our samjjana journey, and we appreciate all the beautiful sentiments people have expressed to us about how our music has touched their lives. It feels like samjjana has been a wonderful foundation from which to expand, and we carry the essence of samjjana forward with us, just in a different form. Watch this space and enjoy the evolution of our offerings!”

For samjjana’s music and a range of exquisite take home sound alchemy options please visit The Alchemy of Sound.

For Maia’s new direction, please visit Voice of the New Earth.